Plinko vs other online casino games

Who doesn’t like playing in online casinos? There are just so many games you can play that are so enjoyable and have great chances of winning too. Out of all the games, nothing is quite as peculiar as Plinko.

You might not have encountered such a game, but Plinko is actually quite familiar with its mechanics that should be recognized as one of the best casino games today. Its random nature provides users the benefit of securing a win at the fairest way possible.

So, what exactly is Plinko? And why should you even play Plinko? Here is everything you need to know about the game and how it fares against other online casino games that most people find very enjoyable.

What is Plinko?

Plinko, like many other casino games, is a game of chance. However, Plinko is more catered to players winning by chance due to the nature of how the game is played. Similar to slots, Plinko is arbitrary in its pegs where the ball can land in any of the payout zones provided by the casino.

Basically, you drop a ball inside a maze-like board filled with pegs that lead said ball on a random route to land on a payout spot.

This makes it interesting since the player has no idea where the ball will go, and a number of outcomes can happen. It also allows for a more exciting experience since nobody will know where the ball will land, making the game so much more nail-biting as the ball drops and touches the pegs all the way down a payout spot.

The best features

Plinko has one of the easiest-to-understand rules and features. For starters, dropping the ball at any place on the board is all you need to get started. You should hope that the ball will land on the most desirable spots like the jackpot and you’ll win the game.

The unique aspects of Plinko reside in its many features. For starters, Plinko has many pegs that lead to multiple payout landing spots that will grant you either a win or a loss depending on where the ball lands.

A pay table exists in that you can either win more or less of the results on where the ball lands. Furthemore, the results will then be added to a balance that will add up and accumulate to how much money you’ll actually be claiming at the end of the rounds.

The malfunction feature will void any payouts or plays made and received by the player in Plinko. If malfunction ensues, all the payouts will be nullified while ‘collect’ grants you to collect each payout you have won during the round.

Why Plinko is unique among the rest

While most casino games too revolve around chance for players to either win or lose, Plinko takes it a step further by showing them where the ball goes and lands at the same time. In slot games, for instance, there isn’t a single identifier that tells a player how the reel’s symbols appeared in the first place.

For Plinko, you see where the ball goes in each peg that will ultimately land on a payout zone. This gives players more exciting scenarios when playing the game online. 

Online roulette also has very similar arbitrary features in that the ball lands on a particular pocket that corresponds to different payouts. Plinko takes it to another perspective wherein the game’s feel is different while being familiar to these types of games like online roulette and slots.

Final thoughts

Retrospectively, Plinko is a great game that’s unique compared to its contemporaries, so play Plinko right now so that you’ll know why it’s worth checking out.

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